Before you start applying makeup don't forget to clean the skin. Start with the eyebrows, as they add femininity. Low positioned eyebrows and reduce eye, so choose a line that will be in harmony with the shape of the eyes and face. Eyebrows should not be thick and wide. With tweezers, gently formed into the desired shape. This is not a pleasant procedure, but she can not do without. If you fair-haired lady, and eyebrows, most likely, also light. Make them darker with paint for eyebrows and eyelashes or use a brown pencil.
Circles under gases - a rather unpleasant and frequent phenomenon, therefore, apply to face a thin layer of Foundation. Then you can proceed to the selection of shadows. Makeup artists advise girls with small eyesmi to opt for a mother-of-pearl shadows, but their number should be minimal, as excessive lights visually reduces the size of the eye. Upper eyelid cover the light shadows, the area under the eyebrow and inner corner of eyes, touch up the white color. On the outer contour of the eye, apply the shadow to a darker color, blend them only in the direction of the outer edge of the eye.
Black or brown mascara, coat the upper lashes first, then bottom. Now eyeliner light brown, gray or flesh-colored apply on the upper eyelid arrow. In order to visually enlarge the eyes, draw on inner lower eyelid line, white or Nude pencil.
If you have narrow eyes, then swipe the arrow to the light pencil from the middle of the upper eyelid to the outer corner. But it can not start on the edge of the eye, that is, it should end at the level of eyelashes. This will help visually expand the eye. For round little eyes will suit a narrow thin line of brown or grey shade on the upper eyelid, keep the line for the outline of the eyes, but as close to the lashes.
To paint beautiful little eyes at all easy, you just need to be an artist and create masterpieces.