Not all abandoned spouses have resorted to official sanction of the alimony. Part of them negotiates the amount of financial aid on their own. Simply transfer money by mail or through a Bank-stamped "for payment of alimony". Documents on payments will be evidence that the parent has fulfilled its obligations to the child. It is also possible to conclude an agreement, which will be specified lump sum or a percentage of the earnings of the parent paying child support. For the signing of such a Treaty will need to compile and provide to the notary personally for assurance. It will need your passport. But we should not forget that child support "under the contract" should not be less than the minimum set by the state 25% of the salary for one child, 33% - for two and a half - for three or more children.But if the agreement between members of a divorced couple is missing, comes to the aid of the state. To obtain legitimate money on the maintenance of the child the parent with whom the minor resides, must make a claim in court. If you do not understand the law, it is better to entrust the drafting of this document to the lawyers.Remember that a divorced woman - the mother of a child under three years - has the right to demand from her husband the money and its contents. It will need to specify in the complaint.Also to the claim will need to attach a copy of the birth certificate of the child and marriage certificate. All documents, copies and originals and a passport, you will need to come to the district court at the place of residence. There will tell you how to was your claim and when will take place the meeting on your issue.Any documents about the whereabouts of a spouse you are not required to be provided. However, such information may be useful to the court and eventually the bailiffs, if necessary, the recovery of arrears of alimony.