You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Download and install on your PC program crack for Proshow Producer. It is best to search for such utilities via torrent or special sites where there are reviews of users that have previously installed this program. The most important thing of these website is very low the probability to download the installer with malicious code or files with viruses, as is usually noted in the comments. In any case, this does not mean that the downloaded software that you don't need to check for threats to your operating system.
Save the configuration of the program Proshow Producer, best make backup of data in third-party directory on the hard disk. Proceed to install the crack. Run it by double clicking the left mouse button (or right if you are left-handed), after completing the work in Proshow Producer.
Specify, if necessary, the path of the corresponding program in the Program Files or the directory where you performed its installation, and then click Next. Wait for the Russification of the program, then run it on your computer.
In case your crack will request confirmation by sending SMS to a specific number, immediately abort installation and remove completely from hard disk memory. After the download just in case-antitrojan.
If you do not like the Russian version, then set the desired language or completely replace the software its previous version, saved on the hard disk, then you can use alternative crack. Since most of them are written often by people who are not good at foreign languages or just lazy who do not correct the mistakes of the translators, the correct exit here is to study the basics of the English language.