Change the encoding of a database after it is created. Most of the scripts uses the encoding utf-8, but for hosting a database are often created using cp-1251 or another. This can lead to incorrect displaying of the text of the article. Instead of characters appear as question marks or other strange characters. Therefore, before installing the script, check the database encoding.
Go to control panel, select phpMyAdmin, after logging in it from the drop-down list on the left side of the screen, select the database in which you want to change the encoding.
Go to the Operations tab after selecting the database, you can perform various operations with the available database. One of the available operations is to change the encoding.
From the drop-down list, select the desired encoding, please note that most of the scripts supported by utf-8. Then click "Go." These steps must be performed before installing cms.
Use the script Sypex Dumper Lite 1.0.8. to solve problems with the encoding of the database. Save the database using the method above, make sure that it retains all the Russian characters.
Then restore the tables the same script from the dump. To correct problems with the display of symbols before calling add the following line mysql_query("/*!40101 SET NAMES Enter the name of the encoding, e.g. cp1251' */") or die("Error:" . mysql_error()). After that, the database scripts will work with all versions.
After this go to control panel, Phpmyadmin, change the encoding default for your database, to ensure that newly created tables have the required encoding. To do this, select database, go to "Operations" from the list of "Comparison", select the value corresponding to your data.