You will need
  • - application form form PT-2;
  • a computer and a printer;
  • - fountain pen.
Download from the Internet application form form PT-2 in any suitable for you format and fill it in a text editor. Or print 2 blank blank and fill them in capital block letters by hand. Fill all the fields should be, starting with the first (leftmost). Empty cells crossed out.
Specify in the header of the application your INN or INN of the entrepreneur, whose representative you are. Put on the title page page number (001) and the code of the territorial units of the tax authority.
Write INN, page number and tax code
Specify the text of the statement the starting date of the implementation of activities that fall under the single tax as DD.MM.YYYY.
Put the start date of activities under vmenenku
Write in full your name or name individual entrepreneur, whose interests you represent. Specify OGRN.
Specify name and OGRN
State the number of pages of the annexes to the statement. If you are a representative of the owner, the application must be accompanied by a copy of the document confirming your authority. In this case, specify the number of sheets that represent this copy.
Specify the number of pages and sheets apps
Put in the left box below the number "1" if you are the owner carrying out activities that fall under UTII. If you represent someone's interests, put the number "2" and write in full your name and INN, as well as in the cells below, enter the document confirming your authority.
Specify the desired number and details of the representative
Write a contact phone number. Write the date of filling the application.
Don't forget to sign the printed statement
Complete Annex to the statement form PT-2. In the header of the application, enter your INN (entrepreneur, where you are) and put the page number.
Enter the INN and the ordinal page number
Specify the code of the activities undertaken. Attention, do not write the code here at NACE! The list of codes is given in the Annex to the order of filling of the Declaration UTII If the types of ongoing business activities was primarily to describe the main form.
Put the code of entrepreneurship
Write a detailed address at which the business activity takes place on this type, with the zip code and area code.
Enter the postal code and region code
Complete similarly, data on additional types of activities that fall under UTII. If more than two, use additional pages of the application. If additional no, proconcrete cell.
Fill in the details about other activities or put dashes
Print out the application with two copies, if you have filled the form in a text editor. Put a personal signature in the appropriate boxes in the application and on the title page.
Sign the application