There are 3 main stage daily care of the skin around the eyes. However, they do not differ from the skin care of face and body. It is cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.

For purification the best solution is the use of special funds for the skin around the eyes. Best suited micellar water, or a means that does not contain fat. To prefer better tools with the most natural composition. Of pollution, you need to remove very gently, without stretching and without squeezing the delicate skin.

Make the skin get enough moisture need to follow a few rules:

• Drink plenty of fluids;

• But very salty foods are best avoided;

• To sleep the necessary time to avoid sleepless nights;

• Topical moisturizer to choose in accordance with age. It is best if the composition will include natural additives such as aloe and rose water. But cosmetics with talc, glycerin, petrolatum and lanolin it is best to say no;

• Masks homemade or professional production to do at least two times a week.

Food is one of the main bases of beauty and youthful skin. To 30 years old enough, not frequent treatments that nourish skin cells from within, saturating them with nutrients. But after thirty you need to carefully approach the choice of cosmetics for skin care around the eyes. Best cosmetic products containing unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E, hylauronic acid. They have a lifting effect, accelerate the process of tissue regeneration, relieve swelling and deliver nutrients into the cells.

In the care of the skin around the eyes is important not to overdo it. Indeed, the excess of creams and masks are able to provide is not a useful action, but quite the opposite effect from the desired.