At the present time, many cosmetic companies are willing to offer a wide range of products for facial care. But you must understand that each body is unique, so what may suit one lady, does not mean that ideal another. There are several areas in which there are large cosmetic giants. They focused on three types of skin: dry, oily and combination.

Depending on what kind of skin, you need to pick up the probable combinations of care. But there are universal tools, which are suitable for all skin types. They in any case will not harm the skin. If the tool does not fit, likely it just will have no visible effect.

As for masks made of clay, it is a universal purifier of the skin, producing high quality plots exfoliate old keratinized skin. The most common means is the mask from blue clay, which cleanses, tones and replenishes the skin's moisture balance if it is disturbed.

Many believe that the clay is dry skin, so people who have excessively dry skin, such masks are contraindicated. But it is not. Here the clay acts as a balancer, which makes up for deficiency of necessary substances.

There are also masks of white and black clay, which regulate not only water balance but also for the shortage of essential minerals.

This product is non-allergenic, so it can be safely applied even to those people who are prone to allergic reactions.

The clay can be used at any age, thanks to its universal properties, so no matter what the problem areas are in the skin, clay as a faithful assistant is always ready to help.

To achieve the maximum desired effect, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for use, which is also described in detail all the healing and beneficial properties of this product.