Four reasons to drink coffee with water

A well-brewed coffee – the drink is very fragrant, with a heavy taste. But the taste buds quickly get used to the stimuli – therefore, if you drink coffee, it is not alternating, in two or three SIPS the taste and aroma ceases to be felt fully. SIP cool, clear, water does not have its own taste and smell, allows you to clean the receptors and every new SIP of coffee, in this case, it will allow viewers to feel all captivating hints of bitter coffee taste. So if the Barista gives you your coffee with water that allows to hope for that before you drink worthy of tasting.

Recommend drinking water after a SIP of coffee and doctors. It is no secret that caffeine increases the blood pressure. But a cool drink of water helps to reduce the harmful effects of coffee on the body: it reduces the concentration of caffeine, allows to avoid sharp jumps of pressure and normalizes heart rhythms.

The beneficial effects of alternating SIPS of coffee with SIPS of water has on dental health. People are constantly drinking coffee, you know that the invigorating drink has the insidious ability to stain tooth enamel eventually teeth formed a dark patina. But if you drink water right after drinking coffee – the pigment will not have time to be absorbed and easily rinsed from the teeth.

In hot weather a glass of water submitted to coffee will help to of this drink double the fun: not only energize the body but also to freshen up. Coffee increases the tone of the body "heating up" – but the cool water helps to cool slightly. By the way, in some tropical countries it is customary to drink water along with coffee, followed by a refreshing effect in such cases more vivid.

What kind of water is served with coffee

The best option water for zapivaniya coffee spring, butilirovannoy or boiled water, its taste is the most soft and neutral. The water should be cooled, cool – but not icy. Misted glass with deafening cold water with ice, of course, pleasing to the eye in hot weather – but it will cause too sharp changes of temperature and "stun" the taste buds.

Some people like to drink coffee with mineral water. She has her own taste that will affect the perception of the taste of coffee. But the taste contrast is still preserved, so the effect of "every SIP of coffee as the first" would be pronounced.

Sometimes water lightly flavored. You can omit the water in a slice of lemon or orange, a leaf of fresh mint and let stand for a few minutes. The main thing – the taste is not too sharp, hit the taste of coffee.

Hard and fast rules on this subject does not exist, so you can experiment, picking up the option.

Drinking coffee with water

If you want to get maximum pleasure from a Cup of coffee – do it slowly. Before you start coffee, take a few small SIPS of water to "refresh" receptors and to prepare them for the meeting with the rich taste of coffee. At the same time it helps you internally to tune in "coffee ceremony".

Drink coffee and water in small SIPS, alternating between a SIP of coffee with a SIP of water. Water can briefly hold in your mouth without swallowing, to better "wash" your buds.

Take breaks between SIPS: quick alternation of scalding hot coffee with cold water will not allow you to feel the taste of the drink, pritupov sensitivity. In addition, this "douche" will have an adverse effect on teeth. Enjoy every SIP.

To drink water after coffee or to leave the right "last SIP" for thick aromatic drink – everyone decides for himself. Water washes away the finish, but at the same time allows you to feel more awake and fresh.