Prevention of colic

If breastfeeding is important to follow the diet thoroughly to form diet. As a rule, sufficient to reduce or eliminate the consumption of spicy food, caffeine, chocolate, cow's milk, especially fat, and onions. Not infrequently, flatulence appears in the child after the mother eats sweet or smoked. From the diet they definitely should be deleted.

When the baby is not breastfeeding, should very carefully select the blend. To do it better along with a paediatrician on an individual basis. Even the emotional state affects the health of the child, so it is important that each feeding took place in a calm atmosphere, the usual and familiar for him.

First aid for colic

The first thing that helps with colic is a light massage. You need to do it once warmed the palm of your hand. Stroking tummy, you need only turn clockwise. At elevated gas you need to put the baby on your back and draw the legs alternately. To decrease the pain and help warm diaper, which is applied to the tummy.

If a child is regularly put on the tummy, this will help not only train the abdominal muscles, but also to save him later from colic. Many experts recommend the use of a gas outlet pipe to reduce gas formation and pain. Hands should be thoroughly washed, and the tip lubricated with vaseline, and then enter her at a distance of not more than 3 cm After depart gases, it is necessary to wash the child.

Drugs in the fight against colic

About the use of medications to eliminate the discomfort it is better to speak with someone who as a pediatrician. On the market today are available in sufficient quantity. This dill water – plantex, and bebi-Kalm, and espumizan, and infakol.

The doctor will help not only to choose the right tool, but will install the necessary dosage. Appeal to the specialist you need and in order to be the cause of crying in colic and not something else. Sometimes it happens that the kid being on artificial feeding, suffered from constipation, then you need an individual course of treatment, the choice of another compound. Is there a cure for colic would be useless.