How to prepare your child for the emergence of a brother or sister

Do not hide from the child the pregnancy. He is a full member of the family and has a right to know about the imminent replenishment. Tell your child that tummy mummy has a little baby that would be his brother or sister. Say, "once you were in my tummy, and now has already become so great."

Try now to set the child on the fact that this little man will become for him the family that he will be playing with him, walking. Get baby pictures of your first child, show him what he was little. Viewing the family album is needed in order to have a child had the idea that his little sister (or brother) is born and immediately run to play with him in the Park. The child must understand that at first appear small squeaky ball, which should be taken care, loved.

Tell the older child, how you taught him to sit, to walk, to eat independently. Explain that when the baby comes, you will teach him all the same. During the conversation be sure to say something like: "if you're gonna be a senior. You have so many things. But come on, when your sister gets older, teach her to put a pyramid, you already know how to do it? Will you help me?" Let the child feel their importance and responsibility.

Try to convince birth to toddler in the most important – mom will love all the same. The baby is in any case should not have the feeling that with the birth of little you stop loving, or will love less. Let's talk about it now. After the birth of the youngest child you will have trouble much more than it is now. But childish jealousy will still be engaged in this issue in advance.

Let the older child touch your belly when the little one will push. It will be very interesting. Answer all questions – "why is he kicking? And I also jostled? And it will be a long time to push.

How to behave after the birth of her second child

If you do all of the above, after the birth themselves praise. Because time will be sorely missed. But in any case, under any circumstances, even if you go over with your legs the pillow, did not deprive the older child of your attention! How could you not tired, play with child, read a story, just talk with the baby. He is now you is not enough. Because almost all your time is spent taking care of little.

Try to communicate more now with an older child. It is important that in the first days after birth your baby is not kept to himself, and began to be jealous of you a little. Because now his beloved mother will worry about another man. Communicate with your child to understand what he feels about the youngest member of the family.

Older praise as often as possible. Let them know that you love him. Like the same way as before. You still roads. Don't punish the child, explain to him that make noise, such as when asleep little can. And then he wakes up and will cry.

- "You're an adult. Let's not hurt the kid."

Try to ask an older child for help. For example, in the bathing small. Just let it be there will give shampoo, soap. Let him understand that he should care about the little man, because he was older. But in any case, do not leave children alone even for a minute! In such situations it often appears hidden children's aggression, if any. When at first glance the eldest child with warmth and care to the baby, and in fact is jealous and angry that my mom now pays him less time.

Do not force an older child (even if he was fully independent for this) to sit with baby when he don't want it. For example, the child is going to go play in the yard, and you put him to watch the little one. In this case, often there is anger.

- "Look at Vanka (Katka, Lenka, Petka) no brother – he walks in peace. And I sit now! And I don't need no one at all".

Do not lead to such a situation. Let the older looks for younger when he wanted it. In the end – he is still a child!

Please clarify the situation with children's toys. No need to ask an older child to give Junior all the toys, explaining that they now shared. Let each will have their own personal toys and some common. To avoid any problems – "It's mine! No, it's mine!" At the same time then teach children to share toys with each other, and this too must be taught.

Sibling rivalry to avoid unlikely. But you can to it to prepare thoroughly in advance. And give answers to questions of the child. The main thing – attention. Attention equally. Select a couple of hours a day when you will deal only with the older child. You really need him now. Your care and affection will be for him better than any words. Let your family will be only love and harmony!