What are the arenas? What to look for when choosing a playpen?

First, it is a form. Arenas are rectangular, square, round, triangular (put in corner). Better if your arena will be a great area to hold a large number of toys and there is a place for crumbs, which is unlikely to sit in one place. But again, you need to take into account the size of your apartment and wallet. A large arena will cost significantly more than the mini-version.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the height of the arena. Do not want to see a year-old toddler fell out. Choose a higher arena, it is in your best interest.

Thirdly, it is necessary to decide which wall will be your playpen wooden or mesh. If you stopped on a variant from the tree, remember that the width between the bars should not be too big that the young researcher is not stuck between them, trying to get out. Buying a wooden playpen, remember that the child will be there not just to sit, and to move actively and, quite naturally, to fall.

Security this performance inferior to the model with oilcloth lining and walls of the grid. In the grid you should pay attention to its color and size. It must be very small to finger the baby could get stuck. And fingers baby will definitely try to shove. By the color of the mesh is best to choose pastel colors, the baby's eyes will be less tired and tense. The color of the arena, too, should not be too bright, variegated. Otherwise hyperactivity your child can only envy.

Fourth, decide what will be the upholstery of your arena. Of course, the tablecloth cleaned and washed so much faster and better than, for example, cloth. However, when the baby will want to "sharpen" the teeth, the arena, lined with cloth would be safer.

Fifth, it is important that the playpen is securely fixed on the floor. It should not wobble, swing. On the legs of the playpen should be a special attachment that will keep the cradle stationary during any movement of the child.

If you have chosen the model with the walls of the grid, check that the belt is not slack, was well stretched. Many arenas have a special round handrails, holding that the child will be able to get up. Doubtless their presence is a big plus.

Decide which model is more suitable for your kid and go to the store.