Can a pumpkin be allergic to it

Pumpkin contains many nutrients and vitamins that it can be considered a leader among the other vegetables and fruits, although in fact it is a berry. Its soft fiber is ideal for the diet of the child. Puree and porridge with pumpkin is delicious, and children eat them with pleasure. Want to feed the baby this very tasty and useful product.

Although most kids pumpkin product is innocuous, but it is useful to exercise caution. This is especially true of children who have already experienced an allergic reaction in the form of diathesis or atopic dermatitis.

What is the cause of Allergy to pumpkin

It is believed to cause an allergic to pumpkin can two factors: the high content of carotenoids and protein f225 – individual allergen pumpkin.

Carotenoids enhance immunity, beneficial to eyesight, are natural antioxidants that participate in production of vitamin A. But accumulate in the body, these two components may be the culprits of allergies.

Protein f225 is an individual allergen. And if the child has intolerance to this protein, the body will rapidly produce antibodies to foreign protein. As a result, the use of the pumpkin will cause the kid is typical of an allergic reaction: rash, redness, itching.

Is it always the fault of the pumpkin

If you gave child pumpkin puree from the jar and then noticed Allergy symptoms, analyze the composition of the components included in the product. The reason may be in them.

Pumpkin collects chemicals from fertilizers. If unscrupulous manufacturers abused them when growing, the concentration can be high. Then the cause of the Allergy is not in the pumpkin, and the effect of these chemicals. In any case, it is necessary to find out.

To determine individual intolerance to the protein pumpkin f225 doing a blood test. It will reveal the presence of antibodies to this protein.

If Allergy symptoms are minor, then in home you can also know if this pumpkin. The reaction usually appears within a few hours. Noticing the symptoms, remove the pumpkin from the diet. In a month enter the pumpkin dishes again. Do not use canned puree. It is desirable to prepare puree from pumpkins grown without the use of chemical fertilizers. If the symptoms appeared again, so blame the pumpkin.

Because of unfounded fears should not deprive the child of this tasty and useful product. It is only necessary carefully and introduce him to the lure. There is no need every day to feed pumpkin baby just because it is very useful. In all good measure.