The first method

There are several ways to exchange WMR into WMZ in WebMoney. The very first and quite simple way - exchange in the system. This is sufficient to enable a personal computer to connect to the Internet and run the program WebMoney Keeper Classic. After you log in the system log to the tab "Purses". Displays a complete list of all of your wallets. Select the wallet that contains the WMR and click the right mouse button. In the context menu you should find option "Exchange" and select "Exchange WM* to WM*...".

After clicking a new window will appear "Automatic exchange WMZ, WMR...". Here, in points, "Buy" and "Pay", you want to choose WMR and WMZ, respectively. In the "How many do you have (must have) WMZ" should indicate the amount that you are going to get after the exchange, i.e. completing the transaction. After entering the number, you will see the total amount including the fee (for WebMoney the fee is always equal to 0.8% of the transaction amount) and the amount you will eventually receive (WMR). The last fields are populated automatically and the user should specify the purse which will receive the sum stated above.

Just have to click on the button "Pay order" and the payment to check all the data (the amount and the purse from which the payment will be made) and enter the verification code. Further, if everything was done correctly and the specified amount is in the wallet for payment transactions, a new window will appear, indicating a successful exchange. To check you can log to the tab "Inbox", where it will display information about the translation (in a special message).

The second method

The second method is a little simpler and faster than the previous one. It will also require Internet and login to WebMoney system. Then in the tab wallets will need to select the purse from which the money will be transferred and press the hot key combination Alt+X. In the window that appears, in the field "the purse" remains to indicate that the calculation is executed and in the field "purse" - the one that will scaleni funds. In the fields "Buy" and "Give" selects the desired amount. After clicking the "Next" button will start the procedure for the exchange of funds and if done correctly, they will be credited to the purse. Be sure that you can in the tab "Incoming". You will receive a message about the transfer (exchange of funds).