Advice 1: How to get work book

In Russia, every working person should have a labor book. This is necessary since it records data on place of work in his life. This information is needed particularly for calculation of pension. But how to execute this required document?
How to get work book
The easiest way obtain employment records — execution of this document by the employer. Most large organizations make it to the employee who is being employed for the first time. The organization itself buys forms of labor books, personnel officer puts them surnames, names and patronymics of new employees, their level of education and profession. The owner of the book confirms this information with his personal signature. After that, the book is kept at the company as long as employee will not be dismissed or retires.In some cases, the employee will be charged for blank books. It's legal, but it is necessary to transfer money was documented, or recorded in a special registration book. The value of the form is usually small, as organizations have the option to purchase them wholesale.If the company doesn't arrange the work book, get the form yourself. They are sold in stationery stores and even in a street newsagents. Please note that the form of the work book were correct. The front page will host information about the worker, further information on place of work, then the rewards.With purchased blank work book come to the HR Department of your organization. Specialist will fill a book, buried in the entry about your employment, and you will be considered formally employed person.It may also be noted that the labour book you can look not only at employment, but also during operation if it hasn't been done before. For example, if you started working under an employment contract, the employer may then agree to record in the workbook. In this case, the processing of document occurs according to the scheme described above. The only difference may be the date of employment. It may coincide with actual employment or the date of registration books.

Advice 2 : How to start a new workbook

For newly hired employees employers, including individual entrepreneurs, must obtain the employment record in accordance with the rules of work books. If the employee has previously started work-book, but for some reason he did not submit, at the request of a specialist is permitted to issue a new work, but to make a record of previous jobs to make it is not necessary.
How to start a new workbook
You will need
  • - a blank employment record;
  • - the document proving the identity;
  • - the document on education;
  • - handle;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • printing;
  • - the order on appointment/dismissal;
  • - record of work books.
Take a blank work book. On its title page enter the surname, name, patronymic of the employee in accordance with the identity document. Specify the date and place of his birth. Write the status of education (higher, secondary, vocational secondary, vocational secondary, higher vocational) of the employee in accordance with the document on education (diploma, certificate). Specify the name of the profession received during training at an educational institution. Enter the actual date of completion employment record. Signature of the person responsible for recording and maintaining labor books. Ask the employee to sign in the appropriate field.
Put the ordinal record number. In this case, it corresponds to a unit. Specify the date of hiring the employee. In the details of work enter the full and abbreviated name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or a surname, name, patronymic of a physical person in accordance with the identity document, if the organizational-legal form of organization – sole proprietorship. Specify the fact of employment. Enter the name of the position adopted by the specialist, in accordance with the staffing, the name of the structural unit. The basis of the record of employment is an order. Enter the case number and the date of publication.
In the case of dismissal of employee with the organization in the details of work enter the fact of the dismissal, citing the Labor Code (conditional dismissal: own desire, the agreement of the parties, and so on). In the grounds indicate the number and date of issuance of the order of dismissal. The dismissal entry shall be certified with the company seal and signature of the person responsible for the maintenance and accounting of labor books. To acquaint with the record of the employee should be under the painting.
Register a new work book in the book of registration of work books. Enter its serial number, date of issuance and date of issuance. Specify the name of the employee and issue him a work book for dismissal under the painting.

Advice 3 : How to do the work book

Employment history is a very important document for any working person. The workbook contains all the basic data about the seniority of the person subsequently used for calculating the pension.
How to do the work book
To make your first workbook alone will not work, it makes the employer when applying for a job. According to the law, for registration of employment record is available up to 5 working days, during this time the employee can terminate the employment contract. In the case of dismissal the employee receives his service book in his hands.
This document is recorded the official work experience, current position and term on it as well as all possible movements of the worker on the career ladder within the company, increase or demotion. In the work book provides information about the education of the man and his profession. All entries are made exclusively in full, abbreviations are not acceptable.
With the possible loss of employment record you should immediately contact the last organization where you worked officially, and provide back a written statement. In the next two weeks, the employer must give you hands on a duplicate employment record that will contain all the data about the official experience, and possible awarding. To issue a duplicate after the loss of employment record will need to provide a number of supporting original documents such as orders on employment and dismissal, employment contracts and others.
Upon reaching the retirement age, employment history can be provided by the employee to the pension Fund of the Russian Federation. After the calculation of the seniority of the person charged the appropriate pension.
In a duplicate employment record is entered solely total work experience of the person, any transfer within the company and the names of their positions are not fixed.
Useful advice
Always double check all the entries in the workbook: the correct name of the organizations, positions and dates of employment. For any inaccuracies the pension Fund may declare the entry invalid.
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