The easiest way obtain employment records — execution of this document by the employer. Most large organizations make it to the employee who is being employed for the first time. The organization itself buys forms of labor books, personnel officer puts them surnames, names and patronymics of new employees, their level of education and profession. The owner of the book confirms this information with his personal signature. After that, the book is kept at the company as long as employee will not be dismissed or retires.In some cases, the employee will be charged for blank books. It's legal, but it is necessary to transfer money was documented, or recorded in a special registration book. The value of the form is usually small, as organizations have the option to purchase them wholesale.If the company doesn't arrange the work book, get the form yourself. They are sold in stationery stores and even in a street newsagents. Please note that the form of the work book were correct. The front page will host information about the worker, further information on place of work, then the rewards.With purchased blank work book come to the HR Department of your organization. Specialist will fill a book, buried in the entry about your employment, and you will be considered formally employed person.It may also be noted that the labour book you can look not only at employment, but also during operation if it hasn't been done before. For example, if you started working under an employment contract, the employer may then agree to record in the workbook. In this case, the processing of document occurs according to the scheme described above. The only difference may be the date of employment. It may coincide with actual employment or the date of registration books.