The optimum height for a parachute jump

Theoretically jump with a parachute from any height, the only question of feasibility and safety of the event. Based on these considerations and set minimum and maximum limits. They are caused by primarily by the design of a parachute and a trained parachutist and jump, which he does.

Novice skydivers usually jump from the landing parachute D-5 or D-6. Sometimes it is also proposed parachute D-1-5U. The advantage of the latter is his control, as evidenced by the letter "U" in the model name. Jumping with this parachute is carried out from a height of 700-900 meters. Deployment of the canopy occurs almost immediately after separating from the aircraft.

Alternatively, the landing is often used parachute-type "Wing". Unlike the first, they are not round, but rectangular dome. To manage them requires a serious preparation, but they are characterized by high maneuverability and good lifting power. Jumping with a parachute type "Wing" beginners make with a height of approximately 1200 meters.

Professional athletes who have good training, jump from height of at least 2000 meters. In this case, they have the opportunity to experience all the delights of the free fall, which are usually deprived of the newcomers. If a skydiver is planning to perform any acrobatic elements, the height at which the jump occurs, shall be not less than 3000-4000 meters. Beginners can jump from such a height in only one parachute system instructor. In this case, the responsibility for the opening of the parachute, control and a soft landing is entirely at the tandem-master.

Why limit and what is the critical minimum

Restrictions on the minimum height of the jump was not invented by accident. The fact that the filling air parachute takes some time. If you neglect these requirements, the likelihood is high that the parachute simply do not have time to open up to the end, and skydiver landing was seriously injured. A critical minimum for full disclosure of the landing parachute is 250-300 meters.

There are also small parachutes that are used to jump from fixed objects (bridges, cliffs, tall buildings). This sport is called base jumping, and because of the high morbidity refers to the very extreme. The minimum height for a jump with that parachute is 100-150 meters.

However, in skydiving, there are many records, including at a minimum the height of the jump. A record that no one has yet managed to beat, set Terence Spencer, who during the Second world war, in 1945, bailed out of the stricken fighter with a height of little more than 10 meters. However one should not tempt fate and repeat his feat in peacetime, in the absence of urgent need.