Of course, the wine known to mankind since time immemorial. It is particularly well shows itself in a heated state. Thanks to the hot drink, the blood vessels expand, the body gets rid of toxins, physiological systems receive good support during recovery.

Good to use hot wine at night before bedtime, because alcohol soothes and lulls. There are at least two ways to make a good drink based on wine.

Hot wine and mulled wine

There are two options for preparing hot wine, which should not be confused. First- it's just a heated beverage with a minimum of spices to cook which is a snap. It should not be confused with mulled wine, because the recipe is slightly different.

For "just" hot wine will need the wine, better red, cinnamon, sugar, and other spices to taste. In this case, simply heat up wine, add necessary components, and feeding the patient.

In this case, the drink is not brewed, not soaked too much spices and is merely heated the wine with additives. You can even just heat a separate wine and drink, which is also very useful in moderation.

Mulled wine

In a slightly different way of preparing real mulled wine. First, you'll need all the components. Such as cinnamon, slices of orange, Mandarin, cardamom, pepper. The store has the complete sets of spices for mulled wine, which can also be purchased.

First, the wine is heated almost to the boiling point. Then add the billet spices. And after that, the pot of broth is left to "yearn" for approximately half an hour. Occurs the impregnation of the wine with the spices, return the drink all the flavours of supplements. And after that mulled wine again brought almost to the boiling point and fed to the patient.

If desired, you can add to drink strong tea, and vodka or rum, resulting in a work of the famous grog. But we should not abuse the grog, as it is quite a strong drink, especially for a weakened disease organism.

In addition, the question of "cocktails" each must decide for himself. Someone easy to carry these drinks, to some it may seem too hard. In any case, a good old mulled wine with spices have never failed. And remember – the main thing is moderation in all things, and then the poison turn into medicine.