French (classic) method: pour 1 part black absinthe. (The glass should be selected such that it will fit even with 5 parts water.) Put on the rim of a glass spoon for absinthe (with special holes through which the water will drain). Then put on the spoon sugar cube. From the top, directly into the sugar, slowly pour 5 parts cold water. The proportion of 5:1 is recognized as the most optimal ratio. Thus, the dissolved sugar water dripping into the absinthe, diluting it with bitterness. A bitter taste can kill and a small slice of lemon. The result is a cloudy beverage (because the sugar syrup releases the essential oils of Artemisia), diluted to ready to use strength.
Some varieties of spoons for absinthe.
The Czech method # 1: heat the spoon for absinthe with a cigarette lighter. Then quickly, before it gets cold, cover her glass. Put on a spoonful of sugar cube. Then pour on the sugar a bit of black absinthe, which will flow down in the form of sugar syrup in a glass. Get a little warm, sweetened drink. Can according to your taste dilute it with water.
The Czech method # 2: pour 1 part black absinthe. Top cover the glass with a spoon for absinthe. Then dip in it a piece of sugar, put on a spoon for absinthe. Coat a spoon with sugar a glass. However, it is possible to go without the sugar, just dip a spoon into the glass of absinthe, then in sugar, and then again in the absinthe. Then light the absinthe-soaked sugar. Slightly raise the spoon to the caramel dripped directly into the Cup. The sugar should continue to burn for about a minute. When he goes out, dip the spoon into the glass and add to 3 parts water. Then, stir the resulting mass with a spoon. Be cautious and careful of sugar not to ignite the absinthe in the glass.
The caramel dripping into the glass of absinthe.
The Russian method: prepare sugar syrup (proportion of sugar and water pick up to your taste). Black then dilute the absinthe syrup, too, relying on your own taste. This method is simple in technique of preparation, but, at the same time, requires tasting. After all, it is unlikely you will be able to find the perfect ratio of syrup and absinthe the first time.
Can drinking black absinthe and pure. For this purpose it is necessary to strongly cool. Pour the drink should be in small portions (30 grams).