What people are maniacs?

Researchers believe that maniacs can be certain people have this tendencies. For a long time scientists study the behavior of antisocial, very aggressive people, and those who are called often crazy and insane. At the same time, it is revealed that there is no genetic predisposition to pathological aggression. Abnormal person to do certain specific conditions: education, lifestyle, circumstances.

In order to accurately determine the identity of a potential serial killer, it is desirable to know its conditions of life. Some maniac is very difficult to quantify even for experienced techs. As for serial killers to identify them among the crowd is even harder. They are very cunning, in the society, behave well, are good family men and good fathers. These antisocial personalities firmly seated the mask of law-abiding citizens, thus they lull the vigilance of the people, at the same time work depending on the actual plan.

What kind of person become maniacs?

When committed any murder or rape in the first place, suspicions fall on people, aggressive or those who have some mental disorders. But nobody will ever consider law-abiding citizens into the category killers. Such maniacs, behind the mask, are considered to be the most dangerous. They work methodically, keep cool and calm in any situation.

Another type of killer disorganized individuals who do not try to hide the evidence and kill the first counter. Typically, these antisocial personality is quite not adapted and have very low intelligence. To catch the killers of this type is very easy since such people do not develop any strategy.

What distinguishes the freaks from the ordinary people?

First, those who become maniacs, had an unhappy childhood, perhaps even youth. In childhood these people on the part of parents experienced the violence and morally suppressed personality. Defective they feel among their peers that they, too, morally humiliated.

Some potential killers have a biological predisposition to such behavior and aggression. Even in utero development in their brain changes. Such people from early childhood do not develop normally areas of the brain responsible for morality, the instinctive desire, behavior.

Another interesting point is that the vast majority of maniacs is a man who can calculate in their behavior.

In order to understand that before you maniac, you need to carefully pay attention to human actions and its appearance. As a rule, people with similar mental health problems have a brilliant and shifty eyes bulging, and behave very eccentric. Very often they infest even the most innocuous remark or statement. Such people in view are sometimes too nice or too aggressive. You should always pay attention to their gestures and facial expressions. In addition, they can haunt someone for a long time. When communicating with a potential victim they can lead excited or will be in a state of nervous tension. To avoid becoming a victim of such a person, you need to be careful of unfamiliar people.