Why so fast spoil the teeth

When pregnancy a woman's body undergoes huge hormonal changes. This natural process is entirely aimed at the full development of the fetus, but this has a negative impact on the state of the mouth and teeth directly. This difficult for women period can break down not only the previously treated teeth, but also quite healthy.

During pregnancy a woman's body acutely felt the lack of calcium. It is this chemical element in the plasma of the mother's blood forms the skeleton of the fetus. In case of lack of calcium in the plasma is the process of leaching from the bones and teeth pregnant, and in the presence of infection of the mouth, the destruction is greatly accelerated. Therefore, the gynaecologists in the first trimester of pregnancy are advised to take preventive course of vitamins.

To anesthetize or to endure?

The most frequent question to the dentist - whether to allow pregnant women to treat teeth with anesthesia? You need to know for what purpose and when used anesthetics. Usually anesthesia of the pregnant women indicated for the treatment of complicated cases of caries, in operations on the gums or removing the patient's tooth.

If at least one of the above problems during pregnancy exists, then a visit to the dental clinic will be inevitable. Visit to the dentist should not be delayed, because the micro-organisms, parasites in an infected mouth can lead to gum disease and then into the bloodstream, which is not safe for the fetus.

What you need to know about anesthesia

For full dental treatment tooth anesthesia of the mother is very important. Here the emphasis is on local anesthesia, which copes with the pain and harmless for the body. Anesthesia helps to get rid of unwanted feelings and stress, saves you from pain which can badly affect the condition of the mother and fetus. Today in the Arsenal of dentists for such cases there are special medical preparations containing articaine. This anesthesia does not harm the unborn baby and has no side effects. Worked well for pain relief teeth have pregnant local anesthetics such as ubistesin and ultrakain. Another immutable rule is that dental anesthesia is possible only in the second trimester period.