You will need
  • - fresh juice;
  • - banks;
  • cover;
  • - seaming machine.
Note that most of the benefit in the fresh juice. But if you squeeze juice in the morning and want to drink it in the afternoon or evening, then keep it in the fridge. This problem can occur with Apple juice, which due to the large amount of iron in the fruit quickly begins to oxidize upon contact with air. In this case, you can add Apple to a small amount of lemon juice that will act as a clarifier. When industrial production is used for this citric acid. Also Apple juice are best stored in a sealed container.
If you want to store juice longer than a day, it is better to sterilize. To do this, pour the juice in a saucepan, place it on a heated stove and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add the sugar - it will be a natural preservative for your juice, and tomato juice - Bay leaf and a little black pepper.
Meanwhile, prepare jars and tin lids for canning. Sterilize the dishes in a separate pan of boiling water for several minutes, then dry. Pour the prepared juice to the banks, close their lids and fasten the cover by means of special sealing machines. Banks let to cool at room temperature and then store in a cool place. The juice will lose some of its beneficial properties, but will remain natural and delicious. It can be used as a beverage and as an additive to a variety of desserts.
Also a good opportunity for storage may be the freezing of the juice. Pour it in the selected dishes, the juice should not fill it completely, as the liquid by freezing increases in volume. Place it in the freezer. Before using this drink to defrost gradually at room temperature. Plus freezing in that it better preserves the vitamins contained in the fruit than sterilization.

In the same way can be frozen and fresh berries.