Before selecting phone model buyer needs to identify the purpose for which he needs a gadget. For example, if you want to use two different SIM cards in your phone, then your choice of model from HTC, since devices operating with two SIM cards, Apple doesn't produce.

Important characteristics

An important factor when choosing between Apple and HTC is price. If you are willing to spend more than 18 thousand rubles, you will be able to choose a good budget model from HTC, but Apple's smartphone will cost you a bit more.
But the most difficult choices ahead for those who want to the flagship of modern mobile phones. Here in the fight come the IPhone 5S and HTC One (M8). They cost about the same, it is a powerful phone with many great additions and features.

The smartphone from HTC runs on the Android operating system, which has a large amount of free software for your phone, you can download and install more apps, games and useful applications. It also is possible to use Flash player to view the many beautiful Internet sites, the IPhone has no such ability.

The big advantage of the Android operating system is a fairly simple file exchange between a personal computer and a telephone. If, in order to copy music and photos on IPhone, you need to install the program, to understand it and a few times to synchronize the phone with PC, for of such procedures with the HTC just need to connect the device via wire to the computer and copy the files to a flash drive.

However, the operating system iOS is more convenient to use on the phone, the developers are constantly releasing updates to fix bugs systems. And updating firmware of Apple phone much easier. Performance iOS also higher than Android.

Comparison of the flagships

Is to compare the technical characteristics of the phones. The HTC smartphone has a built-in memory 32 GB, memory phones from Apple varies from 16 to 64 GB. The diagonal of the screen of the flagship HTC, but the IPhone 5S has a great screen type Retina, which allows to show really nice pictures.

IPhone 5S is lighter and thinner it feels great in the hand. The flagship Apple has the best rear camera lets you capture quality pictures, front camera is better in HTC One. HTC has a more powerful battery that allows the phone to take 1.5-2 hours longer. According to many crush tests, IPhone is ready to withstand a greater number of falls than the HTC One.

Each of the phones has its advantages. The best smartphone for yourself, each user chooses.