This measure was taken to ensure that large companies, holders of copyright on their works, did not suffer losses due to users illegally discharging to the Internet the whole movie.

What is a copyright

When a natural or legal person creates an original product recorded on a physical medium, it is automatically assigned the copyright to the product. Registration of copyright is no longer needed. Owning a copyright allows a person or company to use the product in a special way. Under the protection of copyright includes such products as:
- audiovisual works, including television shows, movies and computer games on the Internet
-texts, including lectures, articles, books,
-visual products, including paintings, posters, advertising,
video games and computer programs
-dramatic works, including plays and musicals.

Is it possible to use in video products protected by copyright without breaking the law?

In some cases, the use of copyright works without infringement of the law is possible. This so-called "fair use." These include the use of the material in order to post comments, news items, criticism, research, teaching. This can be done even without the permission of the rights owner.

In all other cases, you will be the infringer of copyright, even if you specify the author in the caption to the video won't monetize the video, record content from television, at the cinema or on the radio, buy the content on iTunes, CD or DVD.

Can I record videos for YouTube and use someone else's music?

Very often in the videos created for YouTube, used music by well-known authors, for example, a well-known song. In this case we are talking about copyright infringement, and the copyright holder can accuse you of violating the law.

To legally use your desired music in the video, you need to purchase a license. It should be purchased from the company that produced the recording.
Unfortunately, companies often refuse to discuss the licensing of the use of music with individuals. But if they agree, then such a license can cost a round sum.

If you do not wish to infringe copyright and may not purchase a license, you'd better not to voice the movie at all. However, to add music on the video is possible. When you create video YouTube offers the opportunity to use one of the free ringtones, a list of which can be found in section "audio" that is marked with "musical note" under your uploaded video.
YouTube allows you to use the search on the songs. You may be lucky and you will find your desired ringtone in the list.

If you unloaded already voiced movie, then after it is published in violation of copyright will appear beside the words "matching third party content". This means that YouTube had caught you in the illegal use of the audio material. Fortunately, the situation can be corrected. Clicking on the comment takes you to a page where you will be asked to remove from the video sound. Then you will be able to choose to clip one of the songs from the free collection on YouTube.