The myths of the fallen woman

Humanity lives in the era of Patriarchy. Whatever it was, but then, how to dress a woman, how to behave, what to say, dictate to men, despite the proclaimed equality of the sexes and the feminist movement.

These Patriarchal setup make sensible woman to be a soulless doll created for pleasing men's ears and eyes and break their hearts. Strong floor he has created this monster and called it the fallen woman.
The loudest conversations in the community are about morality. However, men dream lover liberated, free from the stereotypes of woman.

Anything that is not normal behavior: availability of judgments, easy virtue, frequent change of sexual partners - can be automatically recorded in the category of spoiled royalty.

In fact, this shortcut can make any girl - it is enough to go beyond the reserved for respectable women. You can even attribute such incredible quality that it catches even the man with the iron stable state of mind.

A fallen woman is a woman, allowed myself to go on about their innermost desires, rejecting the hypocritical morality of the RAID.
Meanwhile, she's not a prostitute. It can be a wonderful mother, a wonderful wife and hospitable hostess.

Unfortunately, society for centuries had hung negative attitudes on the weaker sex: from the ancient Greek hetaeras and the Salem witches and ending with the ladies of Medieval Europe, scheming, and women spies who were planted in bed men, only to find out the right information.

Benefits of the role of a fallen woman

First, men love free women. They attract attention, creating around himself.
The fallen woman can find approach to any man, because she does not care about public opinion.

Secondly, she can afford to be what it is, but it's worth it. This applies to the judgments spoken aloud, inner peace, Outlook on life, and appearance. She behaves because she likes to be a true woman, after all, will not be worse - labels hung.

But it is not necessary to renounce the simple human values.

Intersexual relationships are not limited to sex and morality. There is mutual understanding and care that any woman deserves.

There is nothing better than a sincere true feelings. Showing them, you will be stronger. People even envy your openness.