To make video from pictures, add comments and insert into a slide show to music, developed many online services and computer programs. Most of them you need to buy for the money, but some developers allow you to use their product free of charge, limiting to only a few functions. That's just about the last will be discussed.

How to make a slide show of photos online

To make the slides with a photo, register on site, upload your photos, select the display settings and effects for slides. If necessary, add descriptions to photos, the upload of the audio file with your favorite song, then press "generate photo film and wait for the layout files. You can view the slideshow on the website, to close or open public access to the viewing of the film, download the videos and even send the disk with the slide show (the latter, of course, not free).

To create a video with pictures this resource also requires registration. Steps for developing a slide show is about the same as in the previous case. Despite the large number of effects show photos and various frames, availability of instructions and useful articles, the website is designed quite uncomfortable, making it difficult to work on it.

Very functional and convenient service, where you can easily learn how to make video from pictures with music. You'll love it a large amount love this anime and special effects transitions between photos, backgrounds, layers. However, this online designer slideshow works in the English language that may impede the navigation of the site. In free mode you can make the presentation of photos is no longer than half a minute, you can't add your own music.

How to make a video with pictures and music in a special program

The choice of programs that allow you to make a slide show of photos is also very big, but completely free and without annoying advertising toolbars a bit. Very convenient is the program Bolide Slideshow Creator. Download it from the official website

To make a slide show of photos, select photos, arrange them in the order in which you want to see them in the video.

Set the display time of the images and of the transitions from one photo to another.

Pick up music for your videos.

Save the slide show in the format in which you prefer it to be viewed. In this program, there is a choice between MKV, AVI, WMV .

The technology works with the programs in which you can make a video from photos with music, about the same. In addition to Bolide Slideshow Creator on the Internet you can download many other free applications. Among them ProShow. In the free version you can not only make beautiful slide show, and upload the resulting video directly to popular social networks or on youtube. Here it is also possible to set the watermarks on the photos, edit the music and headband.

Take photo from the video you can use Foto2Avi, Slide Show 1.0. In these programs you can save a slide show with photos even in fiv formats or exe. And in the latter also designed to protect your presentations from copy photos.