The liqueur made from aniseed No. 1

This recipe is suitable for the patient, in fact to insist anise liqueur would be long.

We need:
- 500 ml of water;
- 400 g of sugar;
- 45 g of anise;
- 1 cinnamon;
- a liter of alcohol;
- 5 pieces of coriander.

Take a bottle with a narrow neck. At the bottom lay the spices, cover with alcohol. Leave for two months. Cook sugar and plain water sweet syrup, add to the infusion. Leave for another week, every two days stirring. Then filter the liqueur is ready, pour liquor on are clogging the tar to flow.

The liqueur made from aniseed No. 2

It's a faster way to cook anise liqueur, will be useful to all those who do not want to wait that long.

We need:
- 200 grams of anise seeds;
- 5 liters of vodka (only good quality!);
- 2 liters of water;
- 4 cups of sugar syrup.

Grind in a mortar, the anise seeds, pour into a container, fill it with vodka. Insist two weeks in a dark place. Then pour the tincture in distillation apparatus, add boiling water. Surpass mixture to make two and a half liters of aniseed alcohol. Pour in the syrup is a thick sugar syrup, blend, pour into bottles, which are sealed. Anise liqueur is ready to drink.