Diet proteins depends on its habitat. The animal can find food in almost any terrain. Happy squirrels eat the seeds of plants, cones, acorns, nuts, mushrooms, and young shoots.

Food proteins in their natural environment

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Seeds of trees and shrubs take in protein is the ideal. This kind of food can be found both in summer and in winter. Animals prefer the seeds of fir, pine, spruce, beech, walnut and hazel. Acorns proteins satisfy hunger only in cases where find another kind of food is problematic. Often the population of these animals is directly dependent on the productivity of conifer species. In lean years the number of squirrels in the forests and parks decreases.
Protein feeds not only seeds and fruits of plants, quite often these animals are ruining bird nests, eating eggs and even small Chicks. In addition, proteins can attack other rodents that are inferior to them in size.

Nuts proteins are eaten usually in the winter. These fruits are the main reserves for the winter that the animals are securely hidden under the bark of trees, in old hollows or buried in moss. Predominate in the diet of pine nuts and the fruit of the hazel.
Mushrooms for protein are the second most important food product. Animals not only do the stocks, hanging them on the branches of trees, but also dig the frozen mushrooms out of the snow. Especially preferred proteins give the tubular varieties of mushrooms.

Except for mushrooms and seeds, squirrels eat the buds of trees and shrubs, the roots of plants, pine needles, lichens and many other varieties of plant foods. However, such products for animals are not the main and supplementary feeds. In lean years, the animals can eat the bark and buds of trees. However, this diet supplies enough fat for the winter squirrels will not work.

The life of squirrels in city parks greatly facilitated. People regularly feed the animals, so finding food is not for them easy. Some taste preferences of individuals differ in personality. Not every protein, for example, want to eat biscuits or corn sticks.
With a lack of proteins calcium can even chew on the discarded antlers of moose and deer, and bones of other animals.

Food protein at home

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At home diet proteins can vary considerably. Animals love to eat the berries, dried fruits and vegetables. Seen, for example, that most animals love dried apricots, prunes, raisins and apples. Many proteins do not refuse from the white bread.

In addition to nuts, cones and seeds in the diet of the animal must include sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, grapes and fresh carrots. It is not recommended to feed the squirrels seeds from apricots or cherries, to restrict the diet of only nuts and in no event it is impossible to treat with almonds. Keeping a squirrel as a pet, it is very important to provide it with enough water. To eat animal needs at least twice a day.