Do not think that this service of processing the loan for the purchase of freight transportation to the Bank is rare. Just this type of lending has a lesser demand. Because trucks are often acquired by large and medium-sized companies involved in the transportation of goods. If you want to buy a truck, you can do this in one of three ways: on credit from the manufacturer, with a Bank loan or by leasing. When buying a car through a Bank you will need to contact the loan officer and provide the documents necessary for the issuance of funds. As a rule, banks require standard documents relating to your financial and legal situation and the preliminary contract of purchase and sale of the purchased truck.
The procedure for the granting of credit through a Bank is pretty simple. After you collect all the necessary documents, your application will consider credit Committee of the Bank. In the case of a positive decision you will be asked to pay an advance for the purchase of the car. If the Bank has certified that the funds for the car you made from the "own pocket" to your account or to the seller of the truck will transfer the balance of the loan amount, which you will later need to repay.
Note that you purchase the truck goes to the Bank to pledge as collateral on the loan, unless otherwise provided by the terms of the contract. The lack of Bank lending is the need to pay down payment. Almost all banks require advance payment in the amount of 10-30 % of the original cost of a truck.
You can also purchase a truck with a loan program available to the technology provider. In this case, the interest rate on the loan may even be lower than in the Bank, but the initial payment will be. In principle, a loan provider is no different from Bank lending. In this situation, the provider reports your debt to the Bank, with whom he signed a contract, which means that the money you repay the credit organization.
If you have no funds for a down payment, then you can purchase truck leasing. However, this form deals will cost more, because you get to use a ready-made car, gradually paying to the lessor. In other words, this use of the truck on loan with the subsequent transfer of ownership after making the final payment on the lease. In this case you will have to pay the interest on the lease, which will depend on the leasing term, your financial condition, the type of technology.