You will need
  • - passport;
  • - standardized form of a contract or two sheets of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - print (if the contract is with the individual entrepreneur or legal entity).
Enter into any contract with a private entity subject to all requirements of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Types of contracts can be different, for example civil law, loan agreement, contract of employment. Depending on the form of the contract and the agreed terms it can be gratuitous, when there is only personal responsibility of the parties and paid when the liability is material liability (article 39, 779 GK the Russian Federation).
At the conclusion of the agreement in writing you have to write it by hand in two copies for each party. Completely, the points to specify all the conditions of the contract, the obligation and liability of the parties for its implementation, as well as the liability of the parties upon early termination of the contract. If some items are not specified, then if there are any disputed issues, the court will be guided by the current legislation at the time of the dispute between the parties.
The contract must specify all the details of both parties, passport data, contact information. If the contract is not the legal form and not in a unified form, it is need to supply your Bank details and signatures of the witnesses on your part and on the part of individuals. For a formal agreement, such as loan agreement with a credit institution operating legally and has a state license to carry out activities, such conditions are not provided.
Upon conclusion of a notarial contract with a private individual, you do not need to take care of the legal side of making all the points you Express your wishes, a practicing notary of the contract in accordance with the law at the time of its conclusion and signature.
If you have signed a reimbursable contract for which you or individual will get the income, a copy of the contract is subject to registration in tax inspection for tax assessment on income.