The movies of the Soviet era

If you decided to watch a movie with your child, be sure to choose one that is interesting removed for children. It must be the kind of movie that would be interesting and adult. Great for a family watching old movies-tales of Soviet times. Perhaps the plot of these stories is simple enough, but the acting of the Soviet era is beyond praise. If you recall the inimitable Faina Ranevskaya in the Soviet film-fairy tale "Cinderella" or Georgi Millyar in movie Alexander row "frost", so brilliantly portrayed Baba Yaga, the conclusion is that perhaps we would not be able to play none of today's actors.

Great for a family viewing films about animals. These paintings not only instill in children a love for our younger brothers, but also bring a sense of responsibility, compassion and duty. Of good Soviet tapes is very informative in this respect is the film "White BIM, Black ear" directed by Stanislav Rostotsky is a picture that gives us much to ponder.
Unlike most children's films is a story with a sad ending. Viewing of films will be equally useful for both adults and children.

Foreign films - tales

From foreign films recommended for family viewing "Charlie and the chocolate factory," "Children of spies" and "Avatar". These films are light, funny, they are quite spectacular to appreciate not only the child. If your family members prefer modern bright movie, best this role will suit a movie "Oz, the great and terrible" the story of the main characters of this painting is fascinating, in the final patient, the audience expects a happy ending.
The happy ending of the film is very important. It would be better if your child won't think that everything in life is too difficult. Let at the end of the film he will be glad for his characters. This helps children to become kinder.

Great for family viewing light Comedy about the adventures of Asterix and Obelix with Gerard Depardieu in the title role. In short, whatever the film, old or new, well, if after watching it left a trace in the soul and made you something to think about. Great if your children become kinder, more generous and more humane. And for the older ones, well after the rest at the TV screen, I felt finally ease and carelessness, as once in childhood.