Children's entertainment center "Cosmo", "Jungle", "Constantinople", "discovery", a stunning variety and scope of complex "Titan" provide the most modern rides, mazes, slides, simulators. Animation team are ready to roast your kids real adventures, shows. You can even make your own scenario and create a memorable birthday party for your child of any age.
If your baby has long dreamed to touch the professional car and feel like a true racer, welcome to the 6D Simulator that creates a very real impression of another space and time.
Your child will enjoy educational games and she spends hours on this designer, then you should visit Designer centre called "L-Club". If the family prefer rides outdoors, explore parks they. Gorky, Cheluskintsev And Victory. Parks offer young visitors a ride on the carousel of all kinds, to inhale a breath of fresh air on the specially equipped outdoor playgrounds, and in the winter enjoy ice skating, pony riding. Loshitsa Park is not only able to feast your eyes on the beauty of your manicured landscape, but also gives you the opportunity to explore on bicycles and electric vehicles.
In Minsk has its own children's railway and a number of unusual and interesting museums, for example, the Museum of folk crafts with an unusual name "Dudutki" Museum of stones, Museum of aviation technology. The Minsk zoo, the aquarium, open it with Oceanography centre, Dolphinarium will delight a child of any age. Want smiles, loud clapping and cotton candy - go to the circus, theatre or cinema, of which the capital of Belarus there is a big range. In General, the Minsk will not get bored neither children nor their parents no matter what the weather outside the window, bright if the sun is shining or it's pouring down rain. The city will give a good mood, unforgettable impressions and a few hours spent in the family circle.