Go to the official Paypal website and log in your account using the fields to enter your e-mail address in the system and password. Then click Login and wait for download to your private account. If necessary, enter the security code that is displayed on the screen.
After you log in to your account go to the tab "Send money" of the top toolbar to transfer money. You will open to fill in the details for the transfer to another user of the system.
In the to: line, enter the email address of the recipient. In the box below, enter the amount to transfer and the currency in which you want to produce a transaction. Also check under the "for what purpose you are sending funds". Among the options, specify one that is suitable for you and then click "Continue". Wait for your transactions and confirm successful transfer.
If you want to transfer money into your Bank account, you can use the tab "Withdraw funds". Among the options choose "Withdraw to Bank account" and click on this link. In the next window you need to specify the details of your personal account to perform the output: SWIFT codes, branch name of the Bank and your account number. If you are in doubt about what information you should specify, ask for help in the Bank that they gave you the appropriate details.
To confirm the Bank account you will be prompted to enroll a small amount of funds from Paypal to the account. Will made two payments that can be made within 5-7 working days. As soon as the money will be transferred, go to your online banking and view recent transactions the funds.
Amount received enter in the corresponding fields of the confirmation page of the Bank account Paypal. Then again go to the "Withdraw to Bank account", and then specify the amount.