Advice 1: How to transfer money to Paypal

Paypal is a popular payment system that allows you not only to make purchases in online stores, but also to send money to other users of the system. You can also do transfer money to the account tied to a Bank account using the corresponding function of the Internet-purse.
How to transfer money to Paypal
Go to the official Paypal website and log in your account using the fields to enter your e-mail address in the system and password. Then click Login and wait for download to your private account. If necessary, enter the security code that is displayed on the screen.
After you log in to your account go to the tab "Send money" of the top toolbar to transfer money. You will open to fill in the details for the transfer to another user of the system.
In the to: line, enter the email address of the recipient. In the box below, enter the amount to transfer and the currency in which you want to produce a transaction. Also check under the "for what purpose you are sending funds". Among the options, specify one that is suitable for you and then click "Continue". Wait for your transactions and confirm successful transfer.
If you want to transfer money into your Bank account, you can use the tab "Withdraw funds". Among the options choose "Withdraw to Bank account" and click on this link. In the next window you need to specify the details of your personal account to perform the output: SWIFT codes, branch name of the Bank and your account number. If you are in doubt about what information you should specify, ask for help in the Bank that they gave you the appropriate details.
To confirm the Bank account you will be prompted to enroll a small amount of funds from Paypal to the account. Will made two payments that can be made within 5-7 working days. As soon as the money will be transferred, go to your online banking and view recent transactions the funds.
Amount received enter in the corresponding fields of the confirmation page of the Bank account Paypal. Then again go to the "Withdraw to Bank account", and then specify the amount.
Useful advice
Send money to other users is almost instantaneous. If you want to withdraw money to a Bank account, you'll need to wait about 5-7 days before the funds are.

Advice 2: How to transfer money to another Bank

There are times when it is urgent to transfer their money to the account of another Bank for reasons of economic or other nature. What steps should be taken to the owner of the accountand?
How to transfer money to another Bank
Find out all the details of the Bank-recipient. This can be done by contacting one of the branches of the Bank or on its website. Usually the details required to transfer the following:
- the name (or the name) of the recipient;
- the name of the Bank (it is desirable to specify the number of the branch where you opened the account);
BIC of the Bank;
- INN of the Bank and the INN of the recipient;
- correspondent account of the Bank;
- the number of the accountand of the beneficiary;
- credit card number (for holders of the card accountpermitting).
Present a Bank statement of the Bank-the sender's passport, a passbook or a plastic card, which will make a money transfer.
If you have in a Bank funded account, and the other RAaccountNY and you want to transfer money from one accountand into another, then this procedure is not particularly difficult. Take a Bank certificate about the opening of the RAscoretion scoreand imagine it in another Bank where you have a funded account. Write a statement requesting the closing of a cumulative account. The money will go to the RAaccountth account.
The transfer of money can be done without opening the accountand the sender Bank. Contact your Bank operator, present your passport and details of the Bankof the recipient (the operator may require, in accordance with the Charter, and the application to the branch Manager). Make money and get a receipt.
If you have account in the Bank with Internet banking, you can do the translation directly in the network. Click on the tabs system interface the option "Transfers and payments". Fill in the form that appears, all the necessary information: details of the Bank, number of accountand credit card number (if card account), amount, and purpose of payment.
Before the payment is made, identify yourself by entering your password in the system, payment password and other identifiers provided by the system and the Bank. If you make a mistake, putting inaccurate details or the number of the accountand then the money will come back to you on the account, but the Commission charged by the Bank for the transfer of payment will not be refunded.

Advice 3: How to remove Paypal account

In English the Pay pal means "friend, which helps to pay". The eponymous debit electronic payment system, which works in 190 countries and has more than 164 million registered users to pay might help, but for obvious reasons, is interested in maintaining and increasing the number of users.
How to remove Paypal account
You will need
  • - the availability of a PayPal account;
  • - knowledge of user data (username and password);
  • - access to the Internet.
Log in to PayPal using your login and password. If you lost data, you can restore them by clicking on the link "can't log in?". For data recovery you will need access to a mailbox, which is registered in the PayPal account.
In order to remove the account Paypal, you first need to close any existing account. Please note: if you close the PayPal account it will be impossible to re-open, with any scheduled or incomplete transactions are cancelled. The account cannot be closed if there are limitations, unresolved issues or the balance in the account.
Freed from the constraints of deciding all the questions of the system and completely removing all funds from the account, you can close it. To do this, make sure you are logged in to PayPal and click "profile" at the top of the page.
Click "Settings" on your profile page, then select "account Type" and select "Close account".
PayPal is interested in maintaining the number of users, and therefore will prompt you to select the conditions for closing the account, for example, if you saved the account. Select the required option using the hints system.
Useful advice
If there are funds in the account of the user, but the reluctance to use the account, you can try to take advantage of capital investment. When you activate this service, the current account begins to increase around five percent. The capital is not insured.

Advice 4: How to return the money to PayPal

PayPal is one of the world's largest electronic payment systems. It operates in more than 200 countries. Within the system is a serious policy of protecting their customers - any person registered in PayPal, can cancel the payment and return the money to your account.
How to return the money to PayPal
Every year through the electronic payment system PayPal are millions of transactions. The system cares about its customers, so the money paid for a product or service, you can always return.


It happens that people buy a "pig in a poke." Sometimes the item purchased does not match the quality, damaged or not delivered. In this case, the PayPal system allows to initiate the procedure of so-called "dispute".

Disputes and claims

To begin a dispute, go to the resolution Center of PayPal. In the course of a dispute, you can communicate with the seller. If the seller's responses you are not satisfied, the dispute is transferred to the category claims, which are engaged directly specialists PayPal. In the case where the claim is judged in favor of the payer, the system returns to the account all paid for the goods money.

To get the money back for the purchased product or service, you need to follow a number of conditions. The dispute in the system can be initiated only in respect of physical products (this does not include programs and other information goods). Payment for the goods must not be carried out by parts - only one payment. The payment term must not be longer than 45 days, otherwise you will not be able to open a dispute. Also there are time limits for claiming - since the initiation of the dispute prior to filing a claim should not be more than 20 days.

If the item does not come in the mail the buyer return the entire paid amount, including funds transferred for delivery. If the item came from, but either damaged or does not match the quality, the buyer paid the whole amount, but he must first send the item back to the seller.

Unauthorised payment

The money to your PayPal account be returned in case of unauthorized payment. If your card was charged money, but you did not consent to this cancellation, you have the option to make a chargeback.

The most comical and unexpected unauthorised payment what happened with a certain Chris Reynolds. PayPal is not copied, and was credited to his account money, and considerable - 92 quadrillion dollars. After a few hours the error was fixed, and Chris has ceased to be the richest man on the planet.

From the history of PayPal

PayPal has been around since 2000. First provided PayPal payments on eBay and other electronic auction sites. Later the system was used for electronic transactions all over the world. In the fall of 2013, Russian citizens can also use PayPal. The only prerequisite for this is the presence of a ruble account in a Russian Bank.
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