The first step to moving out of personal financial crisis — is revenue optimization. You need to clearly plan your budget, for example, with the books of account. Better to keep it on the computer in special programs or even a regular table with the sum function. But the fit and ordinary notebook divided into columns of income and expenses. In this book you need to bring each rouble spent to understand where there is unnecessary loss of money.
Every time in payday is to make the required payments and split the remaining into several parts. Definitely every month to allocate funds for utilities, including cellular communications and, for example, maintenance of intercom. If this is not done, even small payments will soon turn into large debt. Along the way, it is important to reduce the consumption of paid services: to ensure that the light was extinguished in the rooms where no one, and no water flowed from the tap in vain.
The second serious share of wages is directed to the purchase of products and household chemicals. All that is stored for a long time, it is better to buy one day in the supermarket with low prices on the wholesale or retail market.
Another part of the wages can be postponed for the necessary wardrobe update, because things eventually become useless. If you follow the seasonal discounts or visit second-hand, good clothes and shoes you can buy much cheaper.
At least 10% of the salary should be postponed for the future. The money will Fund the stabilization of the family in case of illness or, for example, breaking the tube in the bathroom. If nothing happens, they can spend to purchase large items instead of having to place a ruinous credit.
Explore the features of the free stay in the city. Often at movie premieres, you can get through competitions and lotteries, and in parks and squares are the street performers. So you can save on entertainment.