1. Apple-cucumber detox juice with the addition of fresh mint.

This low-calorie cocktail has powerful antioxidant properties. Fresh mint cleanses from the inside out, ridding the body of stagnant liquid.

2. Apple-carrot-pineapple detox juice.

Pineapple juice give this classic Apple-carrot Fresu not only taste, but also "fat burning" effect.

3. Apple-carrot detox juice with the addition of kiwi and ginger.

Ground ginger root give this vitamin cocktail tonic effect and the ability to greatly increase metabolic rate.

4. Carrot-orange juice with added melon.

For effective weight loss requires a sufficient amount of vitamin A, which will provide oranges and carrots. And the melon will help to cope with swelling, which prevent natural weight loss.

5. Cucumber pear detox juice with added celery.

An excellent dietary cocktail that stimulates the metabolic processes.