Usually to pay for goods and services on the Internet use computer. Therefore, the storage of personal data, information about banking and electronic card transactions in the network should be only on your computer, which must be installed antivirus software.
The simplest way to protect not to lose your money is payment for goods only after delivery. When ordering, choose shipping method - by courier or pickup. This will eliminate the possibility of being without money or without purchase and will protect you from receiving defective goods.
To shop only on the websites of well-known stores and companies. Do not rush to make the order, if you have no information about the integrity of the online store. Check the website in the Internet directories, read reviews, find phone and details of the website. Choose to shop these stores, who offer to pay in multiple ways. If you offer to pay for the goods by card only, so you want to cheat.
Not to fall into the trap of scammers will help individual Bank card. The majority of customers for payment can use salary or credit card. This method of purchasing is not secure, because to transfer money for goods, you need to enter the card details. With the help of your card number, secret code and expiry date of the card crooks in the network can leave you without money. Open another card, do not hold it extra money, but only to pay for selected purchases.
Modern and secure method of paying for goods over the Internet is e-wallet. Payment system pay special attention to security for transactions on the Internet. To the well-known virtual systems are WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI, PayPal. To put money into an electronic wallet with a credit card or a payment terminal.
Pay attention to the item price, compare the price on other sites. The cost of goods may be understated or overstated. The low price suggests that the product is of poor quality. For sale at high cost are special sites for sales. Under the action of the bright advertising and big discounts, the buyer loses alertness. To force a customer to buy the product on sites place the timers that show how much time is left before the end promotions or discounts. In the end you can make a purchase in three or five times more expensive. Usually these sites sell inexpensive goods from China. To ensure that fraud can, if you find the same product on popular sites such as or
Before you purchase, carefully check the website address in the browser bar. To steal payment card details, buyers are lured to lookalike sites that look like famous and popular online shopping. The design of this website are copied from the original, and the address is different by one letter. When paying for the order all information about your Bank card gets into the hands of fraudsters. In the end, the buyer remains without money and without goods.