You will need
  • - the program Nero 7;
  • - DVD-ROM.
Install a program on your computer Nero 7. This is a handy application that will help you in recording high-quality DVD-video and be read on all players. By the utility the Nero StartSmart start section of the program Nero Vision. App you can find in the start menu, click All programs, then Nero 7 and the section "Photos and videos".
You will see a window where you select "Make DVD video". In the left part of the tab, the wizard displays your chosen video each header which will correspond to the name of the movie. In the right part of this window you will see a complete list of files that are suitable for DVD-video.
Install DVD the drive which is writable. In the program window select the same disc. Select the desired video to record such disks. Note the tape at the bottom of the active window as you fill it will increase. When it reaches the limit - this will mean that the amount of required information is greater than the size of the disk. Adjust it. If by mistake you selected the wrong file, delete it and add a new one.
After checking all information, click "Next". In the new window you will see information about the recorded disc name, write speed. All these parameters can be changed by the users themselves. Pay attention to the burn speed - the lower it is, the less number of errors may happen in the end. You can also enable the function of checking the quality of the burned disc, to do this, select the checkbox for the corresponding row.
Press the "Record" button. After that, the program will start recording. All these stages can be viewed in the "Event". Once the action reaches 100%, Nero Vision will automatically check the recorded data. At the end you will hear a beep and the disk drive opens automatically. Confirm when burning is finished click OK. The app will prompt you to save the project. If necessary, do it.