The process of division of property is governed by the Family code of the Russian Federation. Under family law, all property acquired by the spouses during the marriage is joint. According to the rules in the divorce, half the property should to the husband, and the other half to the wife. However, there are cases when such section takes place in a different way. This happens in the case if the court makes another decision, or if there is a marriage contract.
To understand how to divide assets in a divorce, you first need to know what property is considered joint. The common property includes the following:

- the income of both spouses from different activities;
- do not trust pensions and other monetary compensation (it can not be attributed to the payment of child support and disability payments);
- all movable and immovable assets (land, furniture, jewelry, cars, real estate);
- cash deposits;
- securities;
- share of business (only if the business was started after marriage).
Jointly acquired by the property does not include:
- property and any other property which was obtained by a spouse before marriage;
- property received by a spouse as a result of privatization;
- property acquired by a spouse by inheritance or gift;
- property acquired by one spouse with funds that belonged to him before marriage (example: a property purchased by one spouse with funds from the sale of the car, which he bought before marriage);
- property owned by a minor child (it is important to know that the property in the divorce will remain with the parent with whom the child will live);
- all items intended for personal use (cannot include luxury items and jewelry).
If one of the spouses has not worked for some specific good reason, he is also entitled to his half of the jointly acquired property. Valid reasons may include housework or child care.