You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
There are several ways to send anonymous text message. One of them is filling out a form for sms messages located on the website of the provider. For example, if the recipient is a subscriber of Beeline, then send sms with the mobile operator. If the phone number of the recipient of the message is served by the MTS company, respectively, send it from the official website of this mobile operator ( To send sms to Tele2, you must click on the link at the Megaphone –
To find out exactly what mobile operator is the number of the recipient, use the Internet. To do this in the search box, type in the query "codes of mobile operators". In the opened window, locate the phone code of the sender of your message (code are usually the first 3-4 digits of the phone number).
Once you have identified the operator of the recipient of your sms, go to the official website of the service provider. For example, if you will send a message to the subscriber of Beeline, go to the company website ( and look in the lower right corner the link "send SMS/MMS". Click it and follow instructions: fill in the field for the phone number of the receiver, just below the field for entering message text. On the page you will also find a field to enter the so-called code symbols. It would also need to fill out (without filling out this field will not be able to send an sms message).

The recipient of your message will be delivered to the text without the number of its sender (only if you do not write). When sending free sms to other operators, the algorithm of action will be similar.
You can send a text message anonymously, but for a fee. This kind of sms normally send to play with a friend, acquaintance or relative. To do this, go to the website and follow the instructions.