Try to lighten stains using special tools. For advice, contact your beautician. The doctor will advise you professional creams and serum, for example, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, salicylic alcohol, or mercury (for thermometers no relation). Use them to expert advice, to make it still can not.
RUB the skin with juice of parsley, cucumber, celery or plastic lemon - it will bleach the pigmentation. But do not expect quick results, it will appear not earlier than in 1 month of regular use.
Use a cosmetic cream with whitening effect that it has on the shelves. They contain a small dose of fruit acids, slightly whiten and refresh the skin.
Wash your face with sour milk. Lactic acid has a slight bleaching effect. Moisten the problem areas with yogurt, and then rinse with warm water using cleansing gel or body.
Do face peeling at home. Take 50 grams of honey and add the juice of half a lemon. Apply to skin and massage. Procedure is carried out 2-3 times a week.
Take the yeast and dissolve them with hydrogen peroxide (3%) to form a consistency similar to thick sour cream. Apply the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes. Do not perform the procedure too often, otherwise the skin will become dry and will start to peel off.
If you have the opportunity, try to go through the procedure of photorejuvenation. As a result of exposure to a strong light source, the melatonin is destroyed, konopski disappear. A similar result is observed after laser - pigmentation is lost. The cost of average procedures are available, but may be contraindications, which you should warn the cosmetician.