You will need
  • - Linux;
  • Skype;
  • - Wine;
  • package Libaudio2.
There are several ways of installing programs in Linux. People who switched to Linux from Windows operating system in the first stages it is sometimes difficult to understand some aspects of the install programs for her. First you need to download the software Wine (is absolutely free). You can find it on the official websites of Linux. It was designed to be installed on Linux operating systems, the applications that were designed for Windows. In addition, you should download the package Libaudio2.
When all is downloaded, the first thing you need to install Libaudio2. To do this, click the file twice with the left mouse button. This way you start Package Installation. Then in the ensuing window, click the line Installation Package. This command is located in the right corner of the window top. A window will appear prompting you to enter the Root password. Enter it and click OK. Now install Wine. The installation procedure is exactly the same as in the previous case.
On download Internet Skype. Open the folder with the program. Find the. exe file and click the right mouse button. After in the menu, select "Open with Wine" and then "Windows boot Loader programs." Further, if necessary, you can choose the installation options or leave them unchanged, by choosing the default installation.
Possible Wine on one "Skype" are not over. Now you can install your operating system with Windows programs. Although Wine works with all programs, but also be prepared for the fact that some of them can still not be established. In this case you would have to download a different version of the program.