Advice 1: How to send money with MTS Beeline

Major mobile operators offer their customers the ability to transfer funds from one account to another by using special numbers. However, they place one restriction: to transfer money from one account to the users only within the network.
How to send money with MTS Beeline
Clients operator MegaFon to transfer funds can use the service called "Mobile transfer". Special connection it does not require to use it at any time. To send money to another account the company provides subscribers USSD-request *133* amount of transfer* the subscriber number of the receiver#. By the way, the last request in this room you must indicate via the 7-ku. After the verification process the operator will send to your phone a message containing a unique code. It will need to enter when confirming set commands *109*the confirmation code#. Once cell transfer is made, you will receive about this SMS alert. For a service, the operator will charge the sender 5 rubles.
"Mobile transfer" service is available not only to subscribers of MegaFon, but also the customers of Beeline. So people could get on your account money transfer, the sender needs to send a request and then confirm it. To send such a request, an operator provides a special USSD number by dialing *145* phone number* transfer amount#. Remember that the specified number should be submitted only in ten-digit format and no other. The amount of payment may also be just an integer, and in the same currency, which provides for a connected data plan.
Users of MTS network can use the service of translation, however, it is called not "Mobile translation" and "Direct transmission". To activate it, there are two different ways (one of them one time, and the second involves reusable permanent payments). The first type is 7 rubles. To send it, use USSD dial *111* phone number* amount (1 to 300)#. To regularly replenish the balance of another subscriber, dial on your mobile phone *111* number of subscribers* frequency of payments: 1 — daily, 2 — weekly, 3 — monthly* amount#. MTS does not set restrictions on the format you specify, so you can write it as seven, and eight.

Advice 2: How to transfer money from one account to the Beeline

If you need to transfer money from one mobile account to another, then take advantage of our special service with your network provider. By the way, it provides not only the "Beeline", but also companies such as "MTS" and "MegaFon".
How to transfer money from one account to the Beeline
To the subscriber of the operator "Beeline" could transfer funds to another account, it is necessary to use the service called "Mobile transfer". First you need to send from your mobile phone application, and then confirm the transfer of funds (as only after this procedure, the other party can receive your funds). Send request is easy enough: on the keyboard, dial USSD-command *145* mobile number* transfer amount#. Please note that the phone number you need to specify only the ten-digit format, without eights or sevens. The payment amount must be specified only as an integer and in the currency provided for by the tariff plan (that is either in dollars or in rubles).
To transfer money to another account in the "Beelinee" more does not. But if you suddenly need to transfer funds from SIM card of any other operator, for example, "MTS", then you too will be able to do it. A service that will help you out is called "Direct transmission". To activate it, you can use one of two ways. The first of these involves a one-time transfer, and second, respectively, regular. Translation of the first type will cost 7 rubles, request it is possible at any time to USSD-number *111* mobile number* amount(1 to 300)#. To connect regular balance you need to send the operator another request *111* phone number* type of payment: 1 — daily, 2 — weekly, 3 — monthly* amount#. Restrictions on the number format is not set, so specify it through seven, and eight.
In the "MegaFon" is available to all subscribers to the service "Mobile transfer". To activate it is not necessary, you can immediately send the translation itself. To send enter *133* the transfer amount* phone number#. A room must indicate through seven. Next, dial the USSD number *109*the confirmation code#, and instead of the code indicate the combination that you will send the operator via SMS.

Advice 3: How to send money with MTS on MTS

Cellular subscribers can get relatives or friends who do not have enough funds in your account. For example, being on the same network, you can quickly send money from MTS MTS.
Man with cell forwards the funds to a friend
Dial on your phone a special USSD-command *112*(number)*(amount)# to transfer money from MTS MTS. As the amount of transfers you can specify a value from 1 to 300 rubles. Please note that this service is free only if you are in the network coverage area of MTS. Otherwise, its cost is 7 rubles.
Try to refill the account of MTS subscriber using the service of "friend". To activate it you first need to register in the "Internet assistant" on the website received SMS password to log in to your personal account. This password will need for financial transactions. Create a text message, putting it through a space telephone number of the recipient, the amount you want to send, and your password obtained through the website of MTS. The message send to the number 9060. After some time, you will receive a notification stating that the payment was successfully accepted.
You can also send money from MTS MTS with the relevant service "replenish my account". To do this, dial *116*(number)#. Wait for receipt by the subscriber of your request, after which it needs to commit one of the above steps to send the funds to your account.

Advice 4: How to transfer money to the card with MTS, MegaFon, Beeline

Mobile operators MegaFon, MTS, Beeline provide users with mobile accounts to transfer funds to the card, opened in the savings Bank. In each case you will need to perform certain operations.
How to transfer money to the card with MTS, MegaFon, Beeline

How to transfer money from MTS card

To transfer money from phone to the card, go to the website of MTS. Select "Easy payment", then "transfer funds". Find the button "Transfer to Bank card" and click it.

On the opened page, fill out the form – enter in the appropriate box phone number, enter the amount, Select the account number of MTS. Fill in the details card Visa/Mastercard. Then you will need proof of payment.

For the implementation of the transaction will be charged a 4% fee, minimum of 25 rubles. You can translate the amount from 1700 to 15,000 rubles. One day payments, you can spend no more than five.

How to transfer money from Beeline on the map

To put the money on the card with Beeline, actions will need these.

Go to the website Beeline and select "Pay from account". Enter the section "Money transfers". Select which of the international payment systems belongs to your card – it can be Maestro, Visa, Mastercard.

After execution of the action a form will appear where you will need to enter data in the "card Number" and "phone Number".

The transfer amount can be 1300-14000 rubles. The Commission is 5,95% of the amount+ 10 rubles for making a transfer.

The Beeline provides an opportunity to make such a transfer via SMS. To number 7878 you will need to send the following message: "Maestro XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SSSS". If you have another payment system, enter its name instead of the Maestro. XX...XX – number of your card. SSSS indicates the amount of transfer.

How to transfer money to the card with a Megaphone

For the transfer proceed as follows:

- go to the website of MegaFon, select the "transfer funds";

- click "convert to card";

- enter in the appropriate field number.

Next, you to a specified number will receive an SMS with the code. The code should be entered in the opened box. Then specify the card number, date of expiration, enter the amount you want to transfer.

To transfer money by SMS send a message to the number 3116. Its contents: "MM YY CARD XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SSSS", where XXXX...XX is the card number MM YY – expiry date, where MM is the month and YY is year. SSSS means the amount of remittances.

Advice 5: How to MTS to transfer money from one number to another

Periodically, the subscribers of cellular communication there is a need to transfer money from one number to another on MTS. Special tariff options operator will allow you to always stay in touch with family and friends.
Learn how to MTS to transfer money from one number to another
You can transfer money from one number to another on the MTS with the command *112*(number)*(amount)#. For once you can send up to 300 rubles. It is worth to note that the amount of transfer you need to specify a whole number without the cents. The cost of a one-time use of the services is 7 rubles.
On MTS there is a possibility of replenishment of accounts of other subscribers on schedule. This should bring the number in memory using the command *114*(number)*( code frequency of payment)*(amount)#. There are three different code frequency: daily transfer (1), weekly (2) monthly (3). Don't forget to confirm the connection through the combination, which will be sent by SMS. You can always disable this service, dial *144*(phone number)#.
Try to transfer money to a different number of MTS in the framework of the free "save me", which is included in all tariffs of the operator. In this case, the funds are transferred to the subscriber who activates service for the number 0880, then enters the friend's number and presses the call button. As alternative, you can enter a USSD-request *116*( number)*(amount)#.
To activate the service "Direct transfer" to transfer money to MTS, you can use the "Internet Assistant" on the website of the operator. To gain access to the system register and receive a personal password to log in. After that, inside the system, connect the desired service, putting the necessary data.
Do not forget about the classic methods of recharge. For example, almost all e-banks allow users to conveniently transfer money to subscribers of MTS and other operators from your card account. You can also go to any salon of MTS, to call employees need a room and transfer the available cash amount to be immediately reported to the subscriber.
You can always contact the operator of MTS on number 0890, if you are experiencing difficulty with the completion of the balance of any subscriber within the network. The staff of the support center will assist you and help you to connect to the appropriate service.
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