Will free the company from paying the VAT. This method is provided by the legislation and is based on article 145 of the Taxovogo code. The company has the right to be free from the duties of the taxpayer, if they met certain conditions indicated in the article.
Contact the Federal tax service to obtain permission for non-payment of VAT, which will be valid for 12 months or until loss of the right concerned. This method of reducing the value added tax is not suitable for those organizations that in the course of cooperating with the companies-taxpayers of VAT. The fact that you will not be able to put these firms invoice indicating the amount of the tax, and they will not be able to specify to deduct VAT on purchased goods.
An operation with the obtained advances. According to the PP.15 section 3 of article 149 of NK of the Russian Federation, the loan is not a transaction taxable for VAT. In this regard, between buyer and seller is the loan agreement for the amount of the advance. Further, instead of a contract of novation is produced to return the loan to the buyer through the transfer of the sum as payment under the supply agreement.
Use the commercial credit. He often applies if in a tax period was carried out sale of a large quantity or an expensive fixed assets. In this case, the seller and the buyer agree to lower the cost of production with the provision of deferred payment. The amount of interest equal to the discount amount.
Make transactions with goods in the load. When selling goods, which is charged with tax rate of 18%, set the minimum margin. At this time, the buyer offers the seller the other goods subject to 10% tax, with a maximum margin. Such an operation will significantly affect the amount of tax.