First of all, as long as you can keep from feeding the child. Take your time with the transition to artificial feeding, even if it includes a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. Breast milk is better than any artificial additives enhances the immune system in children, improve children's ability of body to resist various infectious diseases.
Let us as a baby drink a decoction of rose hips (it is very rich in vitamin C). Take 200 gr. dried berries and brew 200-250 gr. boiling water in a thermos. Let it brew broth for one hour. Then cool to room temperature and give the baby on a table spoonful two or three times a day.
Be sure to do a newborn all the necessary vaccinations on the schedule that is recommended by pediatrician. They help in the formation of artificial immunity. Even if your baby is sick, for example, chicken pox after vaccination, the disease will be milder and you will be able to avoid serious consequences after the disease.
Match the child and also the natural immunity. To do this, you must understand that an overly paranoid momma, wishing to protect her baby from any bacteria trying to create a sterile environment in the nursery, rather harm him than help. In any case, do not wipe too many times a day in all possible disinfectants all surfaces in the nursery. It will be enough to meet once a day, wet cleaning, and ventilate the room in the morning and before bed in the evening.
Strictly follow the daily routine of the baby. In order to feel fit and healthy during the day, he should sleep enough time (depending on the age requirements of the child's body). Walk with the baby (preferably twice daily) in all weather. While walking do not coddle the child too much. You can't protect him from colds. In this case, he will sweat and even from a weak wind may catch a cold. Infants wear for the weather. Moreover, instead of one, too warm blankets it is better to use several thinner to keep the heat between layers of fabric.
Arrange baby air baths. While swaddling does not seek quickly to wrap up and leave naked for five minutes. But first make sure that the room was not drafts.
Do baby massage: RUB and caress legs, hands, back, and tummy. You will be able to carry out such procedure on its own, before observing such manipulations patronage sisters.
Also do with child physical exercise. Just enough to bend him at the knees legs, to pull him to her by the handles and flip in different directions, and the tummy.
Every day make a child water and baths. You can add decoctions succession, oregano, chamomile. They positively affect the skin condition of the baby, and on General emotional and physical condition of the children, calming them before bedtime.
In no case do not give the baby medication without consulting with your doctor. You can greatly harm your baby self-medicate, and to destroy his immune system. The consequence of the use of many drugs can be a violation of the microflora of the stomach and intestines,as well as the development of serious allergic conditions.