You will need
  • - SpeedFan.
Download the program SpeedFan. Install it and run the file speedfan.exe. First change the language of the program. Click the Configure button. In the opened window, select the Options tab. Now in the item Language, select English. Press the OK button.
Now again open the main menu. In the Central part of the window shows the status of fans and temperature of the devices to which they are attached. If the equipment temperature has exceeded the acceptable norm, then next to it is the icon for "fire".
In the lower part of the window, locate the fan and increase the speed of rotation of the blades by pressing several times the button "Up". Make sure that the temperature of the necessary equipment has dropped to the normal level.
If not, then clean mechanically cooler. Turn off the laptop and disassemble it. To do this, Unscrew a few screws and detach the bottom cover of the laptop. Be extremely careful, because in most cases, it is attached to several cables coming from the motherboard. Be sure to note the connectors, which is attached to these loops.
Unscrew the screws holding the right fan to the device. Disconnect power from the fan by unplugging it. Now soak cotton pad in a weak alcohol solution and wipe them with fan blades. If the cooler is too small, use a cotton swab. Completely clean the blades from dust.
Install the cooler into the socket and screw it into place. Assemble the laptop securely attaching the loops and tightening all the screws. Turn on your mobile computer. After loading the operating system run the program SpeedFan. Make sure that the cooler is working properly, and the temperature of the equipment does not exceed the permissible limits.