You can easily find the inspection using specially developed for these purposes search, located on the official website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation. To do this, type in the search box the address and go to FTS.
In the window that opens look in the top horizontal menu, tab "e-services", hover over it and select the vertical menu the string "the Address of your inspection." Click on a row to access the search service for the given parameters.
Write in the active line of code on, if you have the details of your tax. If not, skip this step and click "Next". In the next window, fill in the active field. Specify the number of the region or select it from the list in the opening menu by clicking the arrow located at the right end of the active line. Next you will be prompted to choose a district, region or the country, city, locality, street and finally house number.
Activate the search for the required inspection by pressing the "next" button. This will open a window with the search results. Here will be given details of all tax services, serving organizations and individuals at the specified address. You can also get information about the code on, the name to know the address of the inspection, contact numbers and even work.