So, you are in doubt of your website in the Yandex catalog. The simplest way to find out whether this is so, is itself a search engine. To begin, open the page search engines Most likely, you already had to use this service.
Then, all you need to do is search code by reference. It is necessary to enter in the search bar, not in the address bar of the browser. The text of this query looks like this: #url="www.ваш site.RF*" where "your website.RF - address of your website. As you can see, the address fits without permission http://. Such a record search query will make the search for exactly the address.
View search results. The first result should be link to the main page of your website. If not, then most likely he is in the black list. The reasons may be very different. Alternatively, banned domain, that is, he was already in blacklist when you bought it. Maybe your site was hit by malware information virus software or suspicious content. In the end, the site could be banned by accident.
In any case, if your site is banned, you will need to contact support Yandex to figure out the details. This can be done at
Your website can be simply not indexed by the search engine. The robot needs some time in order to find and index your website. To make sure that it is not, click on the link, enter the address of the main page of your site in the URL bar and follow the simple instructions.
If the service reported that sent robots to analyze the site, then most likely it in a few days will appear in the directory of Yandex. Then you have to move your website up in the search engine, regularly filling it with high-quality and unique thematic content.