You will need
  • computer;
  • - the Internet.
To do this, click on the link Buy license key for Eset Nod 32. The developers offer for all versions of programs, so select an option. Buy renewal not only on the official site, but practically in any shop of computer subjects.
Activate the new key. Visit the page and get the user name and password. Fill out the form located on this page. Click "Submit" below the form. If you entered the correct email address, it will receive a message, which will be a new data for license — ID and password. Enter all data correctly so that the system is correctly sent you all the data on the use of this software.
If errors in the data verification process will not occur, then the next page will display the data on the registration of a new license. Now, these data you can enter in Eset Nod 32, namely — name and password. Simply copy this data and paste into the program. Usually, you will need to update the program database to verify the validity of license data and protect your computer.
Renewal of the license of Eset Nod 32 takes several minutes and can be performed quickly and easily. You are also free to upgrade to a more recent version. If you have any difficulties with the renewal of the license, send a message to support from the form on the page You will answer within the hour. It is also worth noting that the problems, you need to specify clearly and try to make relevant screenshots.