Buying products in their original packaging, carefully read the information from the manufacturer. On the packaging there should be information on product name, composition, term and condition of storage. View, in the right conditions, stored the goods in the store.
When choosing fruit and vegetables carefully consider their appearance. The rind should be smooth, free from mechanical damages. There should be dark spots, mould, insects. Pay attention to the size of vegetables and fruits. Too much fruit may indicate the addition of chemicals when grown, too small of immaturity.
With great care go to the selection of meat and fish. The flesh should be light pink or light red color. The surface should be smooth, elastic, without excessive moisture and mucus. Push the meat with your finger. High-quality meat resulting hole should quickly get the bad - will remain visible. When cut the meat should be clear aloe juice. The smell of the meat should be pleasant.
Fish should be clean, smooth, shiny scales. The mucus should be transparent. Look at the eyes. From fresh fish eyes are clear, clear, the fish is ruined - muddy, red. Muscle tissue should be dense and elastic. The smell of fish should not be sharp and unpleasant.
Buying frozen meat or fish, pay attention to the icy crust. The ice crystals must be transparent. If the ice has a pink or red color, it means that the product has been defrosted and frozen again.
The quality of the eggs is determined after a purchase. Spread 1 tbsp. of salt in 500 ml of water. Immerse in this solution the egg. A fresh egg will sink, a spoiled pop up.
The quality of dairy products can also be determined after purchase. Good quality milk has a fairly thick consistency and white color. Diluted liquid milk and has a bluish tint.