Consult a notary about the order of registration of the deed or refer to the current legislation of Ukraine before starting the paperwork. Explain all aspects of the contract of donation and the impact of registration of the deed on the house.
Make a photocopy of your passport and identification code and gather the following information: certificate of legal capacity of the donor and the donee, the inquiry about absence of restrictions on alienation (arrest) and give the house a certificate from the BTI on the ownership rights of the donor's house. Take permission for the donation of the house from the guardianship, if the house is home to a minor child. The same permit will be required if you apply for a deed to a child.
It is not necessary to take the consent of a spouse to make a donation to a third party if your home or its part is in of your personal property (if acquired in the course of privatization, donation or inheritance). You can make the deed to his part of the house; the deed of gift is almost impossible to refute and relatives will have no right to claim your property. If you make out a deed for the child, neither the parents nor legal guardians will have no right to make any deal with the house.
Take all necessary documents to the notary and make him a deed to a house. If you place the document on a first-degree relative (parent, child, spouse), you will need to pay 1% of your home's value and pay for the services of a notary, the tax rate in this case 0%. If you arrange a deed to a third party is not your first-degree relative, you have to pay income tax at 15% and pay for the services of a notary.