In order to increase turnover, you need to pay attention to two factors: the volume of trade and size of working capital. To increase the turnover should improve merchandising and to normalize the distribution of working capital. This requires shorter intervals between deliveries, to reduce the intensity of production, to establish progressive norms of material consumption, to buy them in smaller batches to avoid deposits, reduce the cost of transportation of goods, to improve the organization of storage facilities, to eliminate unnecessary stocks.
In order to avoid large stocks of finished goods in the warehouse, and often it is because of this slowed turnover, it is necessary to plan the production in accordance with the signed agreements, to comply with the terms of production, strengthen the promotion of products on the market, reduce the cost of production, ie, active use of marketing solutions.
Large balances on hand and in transit often occur as a result of irregular development of retail trade, violations of cash discipline: irregular delivery of revenue to the Bank, the storage of large balances unclaimed cash at the box office, etc.
Remains of other commodity-material values are the result of the purchase or production of unwanted materials, fuel, raw materials. Reduce their stocks is possible if to provide wholesale distribution, uniform and frequent delivery. To normalize the rest of the money in the cashier, you should develop the retail trade.
With regard to funds in Bank accounts, it is also necessary to monitor their residues. All available funds and better transfer to repay loans, invest deposits, securities, lending to legal entities and individuals. Accelerate the turnover would release significant amounts of production, and hence increase its volume without additional financial investments.