Reglamentary registration issues websites media the Law on mass media of the Russian Federation. It approved the necessary documents and the registration procedure. Decide on the title, periodicity and volume of the publication. This information is required for application on registration of the websiteand as media. The name should be original. Prepare the layout of the websiteand, in some cases it can be necessary for registration. Using the title names, brands, trade names, obtain consent for use from the rights holders.
Pay the fee for the registration of media. Do it in any Bank, in cash and cashless. Take payment receipt (or payment order wire transfer). The receipt must be attached to the application.
Prepare the following documents. If you are a entrepreneur or a physical person, you will need a copy of passport, notarized. If the founder is a legal entity, it is necessary to extract from EGRUL (Unified State Register of Legal Entities), not older than one month. A copy of the statement verifying a notary.
Collecting the documents and paying the fee, submit the application to the Federal Agency for press and mass communications. If your publication will be of regional importance, to apply you need to office at the regional level. The application will be considered within one month. The website will get the status of the media after the state registration and obtaining the corresponding certificate.
Status media entitle the holder to receive accreditation to various events, obtaining information from public authorities, local self-government. In addition , the media receive state support and benefits for the payment of insurance premiums.